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        Mud and Wood offers the following services:

        Courses in Natural Building:    Cob (Mud-Building), Timber-Frame/Straw Bale,
                                                              Basic Carpentry, Earth Plastering and Design

        Workshops for Schools, Colleges, Community Groups & Corporate Team Building
           We can come to you: Build a cob oven, a cob bench, a hazel fence, a sculpture wall, ......

        Planning Applications for Natural and/or Self-Build Homes and Extensions

        Consultancy and Private Workshops for Self-Builders of Natural Building Projects
           Advice on building regulation & planning compliance. We can train your work crew on site.

        Conservation Advice and Repair Services for Earth and Timber Frame Buildings
          We are on the Irish Georgian Society's Tradtional Building Skills Register.

        Custom-Made Natural Edge Wood Built-In and Stand Alone Furniture
          Commission a table, bed, shelves or kitchen, tailor-made and installed in your home.


News 08.12.'14
Blog about organic architecture, natural building & more.

The 2015 timetable is live. What course you would like to do next year?

Old favourites are back:
9-Day Intensive Mud and Wood Course,
4-Day Playhouses and Sheds,
Cob Oven,
Earth Plasters & Paints,
Natural Edge Wood,
Mud Sculpting

We also have a new Natural Landscaping Course.

Don't forget our gift vouchers. And give the gift of Mud and Wood this Christmas!

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 Series of videos about our house, cob, wood, design and our courses
Tweets about anything and everything to do with natural building.
   Images of buildings made from mud, wood and stone.
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Selecting Wood Slabs

offers courses in environmentally-friendly, sustainable, natural building and design. Specialising in earth construction (cob) and salvaged timber, our aim is to help you build, extend or renovate your home using natural, healthy and ecologically sound materials and methods. Building with cob will give you the freedom to sculpt your home, making it full of your personality while having a very low impact on the environment. Or you may prefer how to learn to build a timber cabin to gain some extra space for your home.

was founded in 2011 by husband-and-wife team Colin Ritchie and Féile Butler. A carpenter and an architect, Colin and Féile have been involved with cob building since 2005. In 2011, they completed their 3-bedroom cob-and-timber-frame family home in the north-west of Ireland. All courses are taught in grounds of their experimental and inspirational home, or in the house itself. They are located about half way between Sligo and Ballina on the N59 in Co. Sligo.

Cob Workshop
Nailing Partition Tamping-Cob Foot Mixing Cob Timber-Frame Base Coat Plastering Timber Roof